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Our Story

My name is Kitty Christou and I have a passion for creating a safe, happy and comfortable environment for dogs - be it for a holiday or just whilst you're at work. I have done several courses on training, behaviour and nutrition.

Dogs have always been a huge part of my life and I feel so lucky and privileged that people are entrusting their dogs into my care.

I've had many years experience in both a typical kennel setting and also a 'luxury' dog hotel. From these I've gained knowledge of how I do and don't want to run my own boarding.

Safety and mental wellbeing of all dogs in my care is my number 1 priority. I want all dogs to feel comfortable and calm within my home.

I got into nutrition because of my chocolate lab Nelly who has intolerances for chicken and grain. Through this I discovered how supplements can help my other lab Elvie with her hip dysplasia.

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